MAB TEA TRADING is a company passionate about tea. It is our objective to deliver quality tea in its purest form and flavor to tea lovers in the UAE and all over the world. What makes our tea so likeable is the care with which we select the tea leaves, process and blend them to perfection and pack them in sterile conditions and deliver them to our customers. Ever since our inception, we have continually ensured that our customers get the tastiest tea from around the world. We delve deep into the science of tea packing by ensuring that only the best tea leaves reach homes at the farm level itself. Our highly trained field staffs that have extensive training in the tea business travel all over the world and personal select what ultimate is delivered at your home. MABTEATRADING is totally obsessed with quality and we ensure quality that our efforts result in a unique experience for our customers. Our tea tasters ensure that every pack has been is consistent with the highest benchmark standards that we have set in a multi-layered quality control system with clockwork precision. The result is our consumers get what is best for them – flavor and hygienic packing included.